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We love a great candle as much as anyone else, but if you're not a fan of open flames — or tend to forget about them — the best room fresheners are the perfect fireless deodorizers for your home. Whether you're looking for an affordable, under-$10 (or even an under-$5) pick, or want to aromatically spruce up your place with a unique, luxury home fragrance, our staff has got you covered with our tried-and-true picks. There's even an Allure Best of Beauty winner thrown into the mix that we bet you'll love as much as we do. Mini Wireless Air Purifier

13 Best Room Fresheners 2022 to Aromatically Elevate Your Home | Allure

Considering the fact that hoards of reed diffusers and room sprays land on our desks on a daily basis, the Allure team has definitely learned a thing or two about sniffing out the best scents. Just like fragrances for your body, everyone has a unique olfactory taste (and budget), so our team has rounded up an array of fruity, floral, and crisp hints of clean linen to fill your home with.

Unpleasant odors are a thing of the past, thanks to the best air fresheners that Allure editors are currently loving. Below, take a look (or, rather, a whiff) at our favorite diffusers, oil warmers, and room sprays.

Love the fresh scent of floral lavender? Then pick up Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Room Freshener Spray, an under-$10 spray air freshener that has a stamp of approval from our very own editor in chief, Jessica Cruel. This non-aerosol spray bottle has a lovely floral-herbal scent that's powered by, you guessed it, lavender essential oil.

When Allure associate digital beauty director Sarah Kinonen wants to tackle bad odors in her home, she reaches for The Laundress's Home Spray. It's one of Kinonen's favorites for its revitalizing blend of florals and herbs like bergamot, thyme, eucalyptus, lavender, and ylang-ylang.

Forget expensive candles and pricey essential oil diffusers, because Glade's Plug-Ins Scented Oil Air Freshener Warmer will transform your living area into an aromatic dreamscape for less than $10. Once you connect it to an outlet, this plug-in air freshener starts automatically and its intensity can easily be adjusted by a quick turn of its control dial. 

This particular starter set comes with one refill of the brand's Aqua Waves scent, which contains an aromatic blend of florals like jasmine, lilac, hyacinth, iris, and osmanthus that are paired with crisp water and fruity mandarin.

Our team loves Nest New York's Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser so much that we just had to give it an Allure Best of Beauty Award for its incredible scent. This oil-based aroma blend fills large and small spaces alike with invigorating notes of mint, eucalyptus, sage, basil, and ginger, so your home can smell like a five-star spa at all times.

You're probably familiar with Febreze's Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Room Spray in some capacity — after all it's a household staple for a reason. The Febreze air freshener makes your home smell like freshly-washed laundry, thanks to its notes of crisp linen. Like every air freshener on this list, this spray is also free of red-flag ingredients like phthalates and formaldehyde.

We love that Home-Pourri's Air + Fabric Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator can be sprayed onto just about everything that needs an aromatic refresh but can't fit in the washing machine (hello, living room couch cushions). Pet odors and stubborn post-cooking scents are no match for this spray because it doesn't just mask smells but neutralizes them at the molecular level with its essential oil-based, proprietary Funk Lock Technology. What's more, this spray revitalizes your home with any of its three scents to choose from, like the fresh Air blend that features floral jasmine and fresh mint, as seen above.

Allure senior commerce writer Angela Trakoshis is currently loving Brooklinen's Bright Idea Room Spray. This delightful spray fills the air with a three-note mix of spicy cardamom, floral geranium, and grassy vetiver to aromatically soothe your senses.

Don't want to worry about stocking up on aromatherapy essentials for 60 days? Then grab Air Wick's Scented Oil Air Freshener Warmer, a $4 buy that only needs to be refilled bi-monthly when used on its lowest setting. This nifty device is one of the best plug-ins for its automatic spray feature that delicately spurts a stream of scented oil vapor. Its scent intensity can be controlled by turning its easy-to-use dial and, as an added bonus, this device also comes with a refill of its clean linen scent.

Vitruvi's essential oil diffusers are gorgeous, but if you'd like to save some counter space, the brand's Cold Plunge Natural Air Freshener Spray is a great alternative. Each and every spritz of this essential oil-based spray douses your space with a blend of awakening eucalyptus and juicy grapefruit.

Saje's Fresh Air Revitalizing Room Spray is like an olfactory equivalent of an energy drink. Its blend of fresh pine, zesty lemon, and herbaceous tea tree oil (a popular skin-care ingredient, by the way) will awaken your senses in just a few sniffs.

As its name suggests, the Pura X Nest New York Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser is not your average automatic air freshener. What makes Pura's device so unique is its ability to connect to an app via Bluetooth to adjust all of its settings, including aroma intensity and diffusion time, in just a few clicks. It's also worth noting that this device dispurses its scented vapor at up to 1,000 square feet and holds two vials at a time, with each lasting up to 700 hours.

This particular starter kit comes with two oil blends from Nest New York to get you started. One is Bamboo, which contains the earthy scent of the plant along with floral jasmine and fruity citrus, while the other is Grapefruit, a juicy scent that contains its star note along with floral lily of the valley and herbal coriander blossom.

Another one of Kinonen's top picks for her home is Diptyque's Baies Room Spray. This fruity-floral cocktail contains harmonious notes of roses and blackcurrant leaves that'll make your home smell as delicious as a freshly-baked pie.

It's autumn, which means one thing: Pumpkin. Spice. Everything. Allure deputy digital director Kara McGrath gives Bath & Body Works' White Pumpkin Concentrated Room Spray two thumbs up for its notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, and proprietary autumn spice blend that gives this overall sweet scent a spicy kick.

No matter which type of air freshener you grab from this list, we can guarantee that your home will smell very, very good after using these air fresheners. If you're feeling extra daring, feel free to mix and match some of them for a scent that's truly unique to your home.

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13 Best Room Fresheners 2022 to Aromatically Elevate Your Home | Allure

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